work authorization

Before we are able to begin repairs on your vehicle, we need your permission. We have a repair authorization that can be signed when you drop off your vehicle. If your vehicle is towed in, we can fax or email an authorization. This authorization allows us to complete approved repairs and to operate your vehicle. It also details your responsibility if the account were to go into collection, and provides us with power of attorney in the event that your name is included on checks sent to us. 


prepare your vehicle

Our services include quoted repairs and related cleanup, and we always intend to leave your vehicle in better shape than we receive it. However, there are a couple of things you can do that will help to streamline our process and hasten repairs. Please review the following list and complete the associated tasks before dropping off your vehicle.

1.      Wash vehicle – Make sure that we can clearly inspect your vehicle. This includes removing dirt, bugs, and especially snow. Anything that might make it difficult to see hidden damage, e.g. scratches, dings, or damage possibly related to repairs.

2.      Remove personal items – Things left in your vehicle may collect dust during their stay in our shop, or we may need to move them. To eliminate any possibility that these items could be lost or damaged, please remove them from your vehicle. This is most important in the areas we need to repair. For example, if we need to work on the rear of your car, we will likely need access to your trunk or hatch. Please ensure that we can remove interior trim without having to remove much cargo. Our liability for loss or damage is limited to your vehicle and not its contents.

3.      Note visible damage – Carefully inspect your vehicle inside and out prior to leaving it with us. We inspect and photograph each car before we begin repairs, but it’s best if you are also aware of your vehicle’s condition. This is also an ideal time to do minor maintenance to your finish and trim, so let us know if you need some touch-up, minor polish, or parts not related to repairs.

4.      Mention mechanical issues – If you have noticed any mechanical problems since your collision, let us know. If you have any preexisting issues, we may be able to offer a solution, but as we will be operating your vehicle, we'd like know regardless. Please mention anything unusual – even if it’s just a noise.



We typically do not require payment until your vehicle is complete. At that time please bring any payment (i.e. checks) you have received from insurance companies or other parties. If your insurance policy includes a deductible, that payment will be due when you pick up your vehicle. We accept most forms of payment, ask us if you're not sure. If you require financing, we don't offer it in-house, but third party options are available.